Trump Says THIS VERSE Will Make America Great Again

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September 16, 2016Sep 16, 2016

Donald Trump is a newer Christian. And many have heard him make some "newer-Christian" (i.e., not totally Biblical) remarks on his campaign trail. However, the verse he recently shared with a crowd of Evangelicals at the Family Research Council's Values Voters Summit was entirely right on and powerful.


"There is a biblical verse that I have often read and I want to repeat it again because I feel it is so important to what we are trying to achieve right now in our country," Trump said, reports the Christian Post. "It is from First John, Chapter 4. 'No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and His love is made complete in us.'" The crowd erupted in cheers at his recitation.

"Imagine what our country could accomplish if it started working together as one people under one God, saluting one flag," Trump continued, and the crowd cheered again. Trump went on to promise Christian voters that their vote would be worth it for their ensuing religious freedom: "I'm going to make it up to you too, you watch," Trump said. "There are no more decent, devoted, or selfless people than our Christians brothers and sisters here in the United States."

"Your values of love, charity and faith built this nation. So how can it be that our media treats people of faith so poorly? One of the reasons is that our politicians have really abandoned you, to a large extent. And Hillary Clinton, you can forget about her. Our Christian heritage will be cherished, protected, defended, like you have never seen before," promised Trump.

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