Trump’s Old Ferrari Sets NEW RECORD

April 03, 2017Apr 03, 2017

Last month, someone sold President Trump’s small childhood home for $2.14 million after purchasing it shortly before Trump’s election for $1.39 million.

Now someone has made a lot of money off a shiny red 2007 Ferrari F430 Coupe Trump used to drive.

According to CNN Money, the supercar was only driven by Trump for a couple thousand miles, but it sold by the next owner at an Auctions America event in Florida on Saturday for $270,000.

And that’s a record price for the automatic transmission F430.

Auctions America said, "Similar versions of the model without the celebrity provenance traditionally bring between $125,000 and $175,000 depending on mileage, condition and optional equipment.”

The new owner also received a original title with Trump’s authentic signature on it.