Trump's Newest Supporter Is: Drumroll....Kanye West? See For Yourself!

November 21, 2016Nov 21, 2016

The 2016 presidential election has been filled with firsts of nearly every kind, from having the first female candidate to a non-politician winning the bid for the White House.  However, one first that many people did not see coming was Kanye West stopping his concert in San Jose and giving his crowd a lecture about his support for Donald Trump.  

West, who has been open about a lot of topics concerning politics and racism, addressed the crowd and told fans he would have voted for Trump, had he actually voted. He then told black people to stop focusing on racism and even went after Beyonce.  After his impromptu speech, West left the concert and canceled his remaining U.S. tour shows.  Watch the video below and listen to how the crowd reacted as Kanye stumped for Trump.