Trump’s New Interior Secretary Makes Most EPIC Entrance Into D.C. Ever

March 02, 2017Mar 02, 2017

For northeasterners who still think America is the Wild West once you cross the Mississippi, their perception was confirmed today when President Trump’s new Interior Secretary rode into D.C., quite literally, on horseback.

According to the New York Times, Ryan Zinke, 55, made a grand entrance on his first day of work, riding several blocks on a National Mall horse named Tonto right to the steps of the administration building.

Mounted police escorted the former longtime Navy SEAL as he rode on the bay roam while wearing jeans and a cowboy hat. Employees lined the steps to greet him as a Native American drummer for Zinke’s home state of Montana beat a drum and chanted.

It was a fitting entrance for a top cabinet official who is tasked with overseeing the national parks and 500 million acres of public land, most of which is in the West.

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