Liberal Media Outraged Over How Trump Handled Turkey Pardon

November 21, 2017Nov 21, 2017

On Tuesday afternoon, President Donald Trump took part in one of America's great Thanksgiving traditions. That is, he took part in the pre-Thanksgiving pardon of confused-looking turkeys in the White House Rose Garden. 

Last year, President Obama pardoned two lucky birds by the names of Tater and Tot, who will together live the remainder of their lives at an agricultural science facility on the Virginia Tech University called "Gobbler's Rest." This "resort" is where the pardoned turkeys live the remainder of their days, lucky that they were chosen to survive America's great Thanksgiving feast. 

"As many of you know, I have been very active in overturning a number of executive actions by my predecessor," Trump remarked, beginning his joke. "However, I have been informed by the White House counsel’s office that Tater and Tot’s pardons cannot, under any circumstances, be revoked." 

"So, Tater and Tot, you can rest easy," added Trump, speaking directly to Obama's turkeys.

Several hours after Trump's turkey pardon, GQ published an article where they made clear that they are outraged by President Trump's jokes. This ultra-serious Thanksgiving tradition demands only the most sensitive and non-political jokes a president can muster, they contend! In other words, GQ is furious that President Trump joked he wanted to seek out Obama's turkeys and overturn their pardon. 

According to GQ, this joke shows a clear "obsession with Barack Obama." Hence their headline that "Donald Trump can't even pardon turkeys without mentioning Barack Obama."

Even stranger was the Huffington Post's coverage of the turkey pardon. At the very end of their story, the author could not help but insert his undocumented opinion that President Trump likely colluded with Russia in order to rig the presidential election against competitor Hillary Clinton. They then implied that President Trump will pardon himself if it is proven that he colluded with Russia. 

It was reported earlier on Tuesday that two turkeys arrived in D.C. ahead of the 70th annual turkey pardon. The White House announced that the two turkeys were raised in Western Minnesota. After the pardon, the two turkeys will join those who were pardoned by Obama. They will also be staying in style at the Willard Hotel on Tuesday night.

Here are the pictures of the 2017 turkeys after arriving at their two-bed hotel room.

You can watch President Trump's pardon of the Thanksgiving turkeys at the video below. 

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