Trump's Ex Spills Secrets On His Financial Support And Why They Really Got Divorced

May 02, 2016May 02, 2016

Often times, you look at a woman who marries a rich man, and you think: "She's in it for the money." But Trump's ex, Marla Maples, says that wasn't the case for her. While Donald enjoys lavish things, Maples shares that she was uncomfortable by all of the glitz, in a latest People Magazine issue.


"Putting on gowns and going out hosting events and having Harry Winston put jewelry on my hands was always uncomfortable for me--that was me playing a role. I felt that's what the job called for," Malples said. Those things weren't really what she wanted from the marriage. "To me it's never about how much money you have. It's about how you are connecting with each other, supporting each other."

And it was that issue, coupled with her and Donald's differing parenting values, that broke up their 6 year marriage. "We differed on how we looked at the world and how we wanted to raise our child," Maples shares. She also says that she got far less financial support than many people thought; she had to sell her engagement ring for financial support. "People saying to me, 'He takes care of her'--that's not true. I feel very blessed for how my life is, but I do have to laugh when people think I walked away with a fortune."


Instead of the glitz, Maples focused on giving their daughter Tiffany a normal childhood. Having grown up in rural Georgia, Maples gave Tiffany the same kind of childhood, with home-cooked meals and "Gilmore Girls" in bed. Tiffany says, "She gave me the chance to have a normal childhood."

Tiffany is now joining the campaign trail with her father. And it's definitely with Maples' blessing: "I knew she would ultimately have a public life," she says of her daughter. But she's glad Tiffany has the foundation she does to face the public:"I think being raised by a single mom helped her learn to keep calm in the eye of the storm."