Trump's Bold Pro-Life Promise Has Franklin Graham Cheering

January 23, 2019Jan 23, 2019

Wow, what a powerful promise President Trump just made at the recent March For Life. Unlike many of his presidential predecessors, Trump was not at all intimidated by the pro-abortion Left and instead issued this challenge to them:

"Today I have signed a letter to Congress to make clear that if they send any legislation to my desk that weakens the protection of human life, I will issue a veto," Trump said in his video address. "And we have the support to uphold those vetoes. We know that every life has meaning and that every life is worth protecting; as president I will always defend the first right in our Declaration of Independence, the right to life."

Wow! The promise of a veto towards anything that weakens protecting the unborn? That is so powerful. Franklin Graham took to Facebook this week to commend President Trump and his pro-life administration for their bold commitment to babies.

"I appreciate President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence expressing their strong support for life at today’s March for Life in Washington, DC," wrote Graham, tagging the President and Vice President. "Thousands came out to support the rights of the unborn."

"President Trump said, 'We know that every life has meaning and that every life is worth protecting. As President, I will always defend the first right of our Declaration of Independence, the right to life … Every child is a sacred gift from God,'" shared Graham.

"Thank you to this administration for defending babies in the womb. Every life is precious to God—His Word says we are 'fearfully and wonderfully made,'" Graham concluded in his post.

Thousands of others lauded the president in the comments of Graham's post. "Finally we have a president that values human life," wrote Patricia. But of course, her comment garnered controversial replies about immigration and the government shut down.

In his speech, President Trump emphasized that each baby is certainly a person from the moment of conception, which was the rally's theme this year. "As this year’s March For Life theme says: 'Each person is unique, from day one,'" said Trump.

"That’s a very important phrase, ‘unique from day one.’ And so true.I want to thank Americans who traveled all across the country to march for life. And, I especially want to thank so many young people who give us hope for the future," he continued.

"Together we will work to save lives of unborn children so that they have a chance to live and to love, to thrive and to dream, and to bless our nation and reach their full and glorious potential. Thank you and God bless you and your family and God bless America," ended the President's appeal.

As for us, we love hearing a President so powerfully stand for the unborn, especially in a time where political leaders like New York's governor are fighting for full-term abortion! What do you think of Trump's address on pro-life? Share your thoughts in the comments. Thank you!