Trump Reveals Shocking Plan — How He Would Get Mexico to Pay for the Wall!

April 05, 2016Apr 05, 2016

A key part of Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric has been that he would build a wall between Mexico and the US — and get Mexico to pay for it.

Skeptics have asked how he would do that. Now, he has revealed his plan — and it has 3 key elements.


He would ask for a one time payment from Mexico of $5 to $10 billion dollars. If Mexico fails to comply, he would:

1* Stop a portion of remittances from Mexicans living in America who send money home. Under the Patriot Act, we can apparently stop remittances — and there are $20 billion sent overseas to Mexico from the US, largely by people living in the US sending support back home.

2* Increase fees on temporary visas for diplomats and corporate CEO's; and

3* Hiking fees on cross border crossings, port fees and NAFTA worker visas.