President Trump Reveals He Feared for Melania's Life During Iraq Visit

December 27, 2018Dec 27, 2018

President Trump and his wife Melania, the First Lady of the United States, recently did something amazing for our men and women in uniform. They flew across the world to visit troops who are currently deployed in Iraq.

The mission was conducted under extreme secrecy. The President is a massive target for terrorists and his safety was paramount. Officials strategically planned the trip so that media was not alerted and no one knew the Trumps were heading to a war zone.

When they successfully touched down in Iraq, it was clear just how much their presence meant to our military members. The troops seemed absolutely thrilled to meet the President and his wife. They posed for photos and shook hands of countless service members.

However, President Trump has now spoken out about the visit and about his fears for Melania. It was a risky operation that left them in a foreign country and if something went wrong it could have ended very badly.

“I had concerns about the institution of the presidency," Trump said in response to a question about the subject while in Iraq, via a pool report. "Not for myself personally. I had concerns for the first lady, I will tell you. But if you would have see what we had to go through in the darkened plane with all window closed with no light anywhere. Pitch black. I’ve been on many airplanes. All types and shapes and sizes.… So did I have a concern? Yes, I had a concern."

President Trump may have had concerns, but you wouldn't have guessed it from his speech and demeanor while in Iraq and while speaking to the troops! He made sure to show them exactly how grateful he was for their service and he and Melania had huge smiles on their faces!

"The visit from Trump came during an especially tumultuous time for his presidency. The government remains in a partial shutdown sparked by Trump refusing to sign a stop-gap spending bill over his demands for funding for his long-promised border wall. In Iraq, the president hinted the shutdown could last for a fair bit of time when he was asked how long it could go," reported Newsweek.

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