Trump Reveals KEY Thing That Got Him Elected That Nobody Talks About

March 16, 2017Mar 16, 2017

During an exclusive interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Wednesday night, President Trump revealed one of the key things that got him elected that nobody seems to talk about.

What is it? Twitter.

While Trump’s frequent use of Twitter gets regularly criticized by many liberals and mainstream media journalists, as well as by some of his own supporters, the president said that his tweets are one of the main reasons he got elected because they gave him the ability to battle falsehoods in the mainstream media.

Talking to Carlson, Trump said, “I think that maybe I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Twitter, because I get such a fake press, such a dishonest press.”

He added the Fox News has been fair to him, but said, “Much of the news is not honest. And when I have close to 100 million people watching me on Twitter, including Facebook, including Instagram, including POTUS [Twitter account], including lots of things, we have, I guess, pretty close to 100 million people, I have my own form of media.”

Trump said that if he doesn’t tweet, “I don’t get my word out. Because if I say things, the press doesn’t cover it accurately — much of the press. Some of the the way, some of the finest people I know are reporters. Reporters are wonderful. I’m talking about the fake media, the fake news.”

He explained that with the mainstream media, especially CNN, refuse to ever report on even the positive things about his presidency in a positive light. It’s always a hit job with them.

“So when I can reach, whether it’s 90 million or 100 million or 80 million, however many people it may turn out to be when you add everything up — and of course it gets disseminated from there — when I can reach that many people, Twitter is a wonderful thing for me because I get the word out,” Trump concluded.

“Does it go through any kind of mediator?” Carlson asked.

“Sure it does. Sure,” Trump replied.

“You show your staff?” Carlson inquired.

“Sure. Sometimes I’ll have something, and I’ll say, ‘What do you think about this?’” Trump replied, then added, “A lot of times my staff comes to me and say, ‘Could you do a tweet about this or that because it’s not being shown correctly?’”

“I might not be here talking to you right now as president if I didn’t have an honest way of getting the word out,” Trump reiterated.

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