After Release of Private Recordings, President Trump Fires Back at Omarosa with Scathing Statement

August 13, 2018Aug 13, 2018

In recent days, former White House employee and reality television star Omarosa Manigault Newman has been making national headlines for her actions against President Trump. Over the weekend through Monday, Omarosa released two private recordings from her days at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and has appeared in various interviews attacking the Trump administration.

Her recent attacks come prior to Tuesday’s release of her new book — "Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House." The biography details her experiences at the White House attempting to expose Trump’s alleged toxic culture.

Early Monday morning, President Trump responded to Omarosa’s actions with a scathing statement. On Twitter, Trump brought attention to the negative feelings others in the White House had towards her.

“Wacky Omarosa, who got fired 3 times on the Apprentice, now got fired for the last time. She never made it, never will. She begged me for a job, tears in her eyes, I said Ok. People in the White House hated her,” the president revealed. “She was vicious, but not smart.”

His remarks are consistent with others from the White House. Other staff members have previously spoken out against her and even from her days on “The Apprentice,” she was often seen as “the villian.”

“I would rarely see her but heard really bad things. Nasty to people and would constantly miss meetings and work. When Gen. Kelly came on board he told me she was a loser and nothing but problems,” he added. “I told him to try working it out, if possible, because she only said GREAT things about me - until she got fired!”

Trump’s response comes shortly after the White House made a major announcement regarding the situation with Omarosa. Read the details here.

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