Trump Responds to ESPN Anchor’s Horrific Comments

September 15, 2017Sep 15, 2017

ESPN sports anchor Jemele Hill posted controversial remarks bashing President Donald Trump on Monday, September 11th. Her posts came shortly after the incident in Charlottesville, where many liberals were upset with Trump’s earlier comments because he “did not call white supremacists out by name.”

In her posts, she claimed that Trump was a white supremacist and he is unfit to be the President of the United States. She also said he surrounds himself with other white supremacists, appearing to be referring to other members of the Trump administration, although it is unclear exactly who she meant.

Trump responded to Hill’s horrific comments on Friday, September 15th. In response, he pointed out ESPN’s lower ratings, which has been a subject of major headlines recently following the controversy with Hill’s remarks.

Trump’s response comes shortly after Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated the incident was a “fireable offense” during a White House press briefing. Even after Sanders and Trump’s reactions, the sports network continued to keep her on her regular show.

ESPN did release a statement shortly after Hill’s inappropriate tweets went public and were the subject of many news stories, confirming Hill’s beliefs do not align with those of the entire network. However, in new a video by Fox News, ESPN made it clear that they will not be replacing her. Watch the video below.

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