President Trump Issues Heartfelt Statement After Tragic Boating Accident: ‘May God Be With You All’

July 20, 2018Jul 20, 2018

On Thursday evening, another tragedy struck our nation when what authorities are calling a “mass casualty incident” took place near Branson, Missouri. As reported earlier, a tourist boat capsized and sank on Table Rock Lake.

As of 9:00 AM ET on Friday, at least 13 people — including one or more children — have been confirmed dead. Several others have been hospitalized, while some are still missing.

A severe thunderstorm bringing powerful winds is what led to the boat turning over in the water. Prior to the unexpected storm, waters were allegedly clear and safe for a boat outing.

As search and rescue efforts continue throughout the day on Friday, President Donald Trump issued a heartfelt statement early Friday morning. In his statement, he expressed his “deepest sympathies” and encouraged God’s presence to be with all of the victims and their families.

“My deepest sympathies to the families and friends of those involved in the terrible boat accident which just took place in Missouri,” the President said in a statement Friday morning. “Such a tragedy, such a great loss.”

“May God be with you all!” he added.

Details regarding the boating accident are still developing. Check our website periodically for new updates.

Please join Faith Family America in prayer for the victims of this horrible tragedy. Read the latest details about the boating accident here.