People Losing Their Minds Over 'Downright Creepy, Terrifying' Photoshop Job of President Trump

July 19, 2018Jul 19, 2018

Last week, President Trump and First Lady Melania were on a European tour, meeting with several world leaders. They went to Belgium for the NATO summit, to the UK for a meeting with the Queen, and then to Finland, where President Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Since the meeting and joint press conference with Russian President Putin, President Trump has come under a great amount of fire. Some Americans believe that the president was too soft toward Putin and that there were some issues that he even sided with him on.

Over the last few days, Twitter has been erupting with opinions on the subject. Trump supporters have praised the president for being willing to have difficult conversations and for being truthful. Those against the president have claimed that he is too buddy-buddy with President Putin and that it somehow confirms the alleged 2016 election interference.

Now, TIME magazine has taken the conversation to an entirely other level using some admittedly impressive photoshop skills. The magazine decided to merge President Trump and Putin’s faces together, and the outcome is downright creepy.

The magazine's Twitter account also posted the creepy face-merge transformation:

Since the photo was posted, people have been freaking out about it on Twitter. While some were upset over the meaning of the photo, some simply pointed out how creepy the photo is. Others applauded the impressive photoshop job.

One Twitter user wrote, "It is very creepy and terrifying."

Another wrote, "Propaganda at its finest. I never thought I'd see a day where our own media is rivaling North Korea's. SMH."

Thousands of others simply commented on how "creepy" the photo is.

What do you think about this? Let us know! In other recent news, Melania is looking somber in black as she pays respect to the fallen Secret Service agent.

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