Here's Photographic Proof That Trump Is Quite the Gentleman

July 13, 2018Jul 13, 2018

During his visit to the U.K., President Trump has been particularly kind to Prime Minister Theresa May. On both Thursday evening and Friday morning, President Trump was photographed giving her a steadying hand.

Before a Thursday evening black-tie dinner at Blenheim Palace, President Trump showed himself to be quite the gentleman. The event was held in Trump's honor, and he dined with Prime Minister Theresa May and her husband, Philip May.

As May and Trump walked across the cobblestone path, he held her hand. May wore heels, and any woman who has ever walked across cobblestones in heels knows how precarious that is.

As they began to walk up the stairs, Trump reached out to hold her hand to support her.

May has Type 1 diabetes, and that's why she's wearing a blood sugar monitor on her arm. It's possible that she's having trouble controlling her blood sugar levels and that's why she needs assistance.

On Friday, President Trump was once again photographed helping May. This time they were walking on a path at Windsor Castle toward a podium for a press conference.

In other Trump news, the FLOTUS and POTUS have been showing their love for each other with small gestures all week. Wait until you see the heartwarming photos.


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