Trump Property Could be Destroyed by Hurricane Irma, Liberals Celebrate

September 06, 2017Sep 06, 2017

Only weeks after Category 4 Hurricane Harvey, the nation is preparing for more possible damage with Category 5 Hurricane Irma. Irma is predicted to hit Florida grounds by this weekend, potentially being more destructive than Hurricane Andrew in 1992, which was also a Category 5.

Many fear even more loss of lives and properties being destroyed. President Trump is among those who could be affected by the property damages of the hurricane.

Trump currently owns multiple properties that are in the projected path of Hurricane Irma— a mansion on the Caribbean Island, the infamous Mar-a-Lago estate located in Palm Beach, Florida, and several other Florida properties, reported the Miami Herald. See photos below.

Depending on the actual hurricane path, one (or more) of these multi-million dollar properties could be destroyed or greatly damaged. According to the Miami Herald, “Category 5 Irma is heading straight for [Trump’s Caribbean property].” When this news was revealed to the public, liberals celebrated.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments. Please keep those at risk from Hurricane Irma in your prayers. In related news, Hurricane Irma made its first, harsh landfall.

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