Trump Prepared to Sign Executive Order Thursday, Sure to Make Social Conservatives Happy

May 02, 2017May 02, 2017

On Thursday President Trump plans to sign into law an executive order which, in an earlier draft, drew intense criticism from liberal camps.

The order, newly drafted, focuses on religious liberties that would make conservatives and faith-based organizations pleased, though its details are being kept behind closed doors.

According to Politico, the original draft order would have “established broad exemptions for people and groups to claim religious exemptions under virtually any circumstance.” Rumors are that the new version is closely related to its original form. 

Vice President Mike Pence has been one of the main backers of the order, pressuring Trump to sign a newer version of it, even after its original wording raised concerns from leftist groups.

In the eyes of many Christians, the order’s signing couldn’t come at a better time: Thursday, May 4, is also the National Day of Prayer.

Thursday is also the annual Canterbury Medal Gala, hosted by the Becket Fund, a group that advocates for religious freedom.

The recipient for the medal this year is Leonard Leo, a conservative legal activist who played a critical role in advising Trump on his selection for Gorsuch to fill the Supreme Court vacancy.

That Trump has coordinated his signing on Thursday sends a message to conservative Christians that he is attentive to their religious liberties.

Please pray for President Trump and our country.

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