President Trump Heads to Carolinas After Florence Devastation, Here's What's On the Agenda

September 19, 2018Sep 19, 2018

Over the last several days, Hurricane Florence has brought extreme devastation across the East Coast. Since making landfall, Florence has reportedly caused at least 35 deaths due to extreme rainfall and flooding. 

In preparation for the storm, President Trump ensured the citizens of the Carolinas and Virginia that the federal government was on their side. As Florence has made its way through the East, President Trump's encouraging words have continued. Additionally, he has posted several times on Twitter about the admirable work of the first responders.

On Tuesday, President Trump posted a video about the effects of the storm. He noted that the citizens of the Carolinas and Virginia have walked through this storm with strength. He also noted that there has been a loss of life and prayed that God would be with them during this time.

Now, President Trump is making his way to North Carolina and South Carolina to see the devastation caused by Hurricane Florence. On Wednesday, President Trump departed Joint Base Andrews on Air Force One.

According to CNN, President Trump's plans are to assess the damage and to personally thank FEMA and all of the first responders. 

He said, "We're going to North Carolina. We'll then be heading to South Carolina. We're doing very well there. But the rivers are cresting. They're just starting to crest. We're really just going to say 'hello' to all of the folks from FEMA and the military, the people that are working so hard. And I think it will be an incredible day."

What do you think about President Trump's plans in the Carolinas and how he has handled the storm? Let us know! In other recent news, watch the amazing final performance of the worship leader and father of 6 on America's Got Talent.

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