Trump May Have Actually Won Another State; Voter Fraud Exposed

September 07, 2017Sep 07, 2017

President Trump may have actually won the Nov. 8 election in a state that Hillary Clinton took. That’s the message coming from the Speaker of the House in New Hampshire.

On Election Day, Hillary beat Trump by 2,736 votes, according to The Washington Times. But Republican House Speaker Shawn Jasper says he’s discovered that more than 6,000 people who registered to vote in his state that day did it with out-of-state driver’s license, and there’s no evidence they ever became residents of New Hampshire.

According to Jasper, they never obtained a New Hampshire driver’s license or registered a car with the DMV. That’s led him to believe that thousands of people may have illegally voted in his state’s election for Hillary in order to swing the election to her favor.

That’s also the argument Republican incumbent senator Kelly Ayotte has been making after losing to a Democrat by a mere 1,017 votes. The Times claims that left-leaning news outlets are dismissing Jasper’s findings.

His claims certainly line up with what one of James O’Keefe’s undercover videos exposed during the New Hampshire Primary last year. O’Keefe of Project Veritas sent a couple of his out-of-state undercover reporters to polling booths to see if they could illegally and easily register to vote in the Granite State. What they discovered was shocking.

In the Project Veritas video, a female reporter with a hidden camera is seen asking a poll worker in Durham how she can vote without a New Hampshire ID. She’s simply directed to fill out paperwork stating that she lives in New Hampshire, even if she doesn’t have any proof.

A male reporter then makes it clear to poll workers in Nassau that he doesn’t currently live in the state but still wants to vote there. Instead of being told to leave, workers help him circumvent the law.

“I’m not living here as of right now. I am just looking to vote here,” the undercover reporter says.

“Do you have an intention of living here indefinitely?” a poll worker asks.

“Not indefinitely,” the worker replies.

“If you want to vote today, you might want to tell them that you’re staying with a friend and you’re here indefinitely,” a poll worker identified as Susan advises, “which sounds like it’s true.”

“OK, got you,” the reporter replies. “It’s not 100% true, but I understand.”

“Right,” Susan says, “but you’re here indefinitely, and your address [can be] at your friend’s house, and then you would be able to vote.”

And it just keeps happening from there:

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