Trump May Face Biggest 2020 Challenger Yet, Dallas Mavericks Billionaire Owner Mark Cuban

March 05, 2019Mar 05, 2019

The race for the White House in 2020 is already shaping up to be a tough battle. Numerous Democratic leaders have already thrown their hats in the ring and announced they would be challenging President Trump in the upcoming election.

Now, another man is considering entering the race. However, the right circumstances have to play out in order for him to declare his candidacy.

"Mark Cuban won’t rule out taking a shot in 2020. The billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner told Fox News it isn’t a slam dunk that he will get in the race, but it is something he is considering. 'I said I’m not ruling it out,' Cuban said via email. 'But the tea leaves would have to align perfectly,'" wrote Fox News.

Cuban has been an outspoken celebrity regarding politics and the future of the nation. Like Trump, Mark is a self-made billionaire with a long list of accomplishments. Besides being the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, Cuban is also a fan favorite on the "Shark Tank" television series.

He has discussed running for the Presidency in the past.

"When asked if he was going to get off the bench and enter the political game, Cuban said: 'I haven’t decided anything yet. We’ll see what happens. It all comes down to how things play out. There’s a lot of uncertainty with what’s going on with the Mueller report, there’s a lot of things that have to be figured out before we know how 2020 is going to play out,'" according to Fox.

One interesting point is that Cuban announced he would probably challenge President Trump as a Republican. It's a bold move to try and oust the sitting U.S. President.

“The idea of just starting a third party, that has been tried time and time for 200 years, and so that defeats the purpose and actually makes things worse and not better. Just adding one more party does not change that.“

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