Trump Lays Out BOLD New Military Plan To Put America Back On Top

September 07, 2016Sep 07, 2016

Philadelphia, PA. The home to cheesesteaks and the Liberty Bell. This week, it is also the site where Republican nominee Donald Trump is revealing his new plan to boost defense spending and defeat ISIS.  The effort comes as part of a new focus by his campaign to tackle the issue of national security.

According to Trump’s campaign, he is set to build up the army to roughly 540,000 soldiers, the Air Force to at least 1,200 fighter aircraft, and increase the number of Navy ships and submarines to 350 vessels, among other defense tactics.

With the election just months away, Trump seeks to assure the American people that he will “add substantially” to the nation’s military forces. He recently released a video stating that “absolutely nobody is going to mess with us” in regards to his sizable proposed increase in America’s military force.

Coming off of the failed Obama administration and their damaging cuts to national defenses, Trump adds a much needed renewal of spirit and power to the American world presence. If America is to lead the fight in defeating ISIS, it takes forward thinking and bold plans, like the one Trump proposed.