Trump Lashes Out Against Gun-Free Zones, Vows Big Changes

January 10, 2016Jan 10, 2016

Obama spent Thursday night trying to sell Americans on his executive gun control actions during a televised town hall on CNN.  At the same time, Trump was holding a campaign rally in Bernie Sander’s home state of Vermont. 


“You know what a gun-free zone is to a sicko?” Trump asked.  “That’s bait.”  Trump then pledged to keep Americans safe by putting an end to gun-free zones.  “I will get rid of gun free zones in schools and on military bases,” Trump said.  His pledge received a loud applause.

Trump told the audience that he would sign an order on his first day in office that allows military personnel to be armed on base.  “A gun-free zone on a military base with some of the best soldiers we have, sitting there, relaxing.  A guy walks in, kills them all.  That ends immediately.”

Do you agree with Trump's idea of getting rid of gun-free zones?