TRUMP Just Set A Presidential Inauguration RECORD For Amazing Reason!

January 13, 2017Jan 13, 2017

President-elect Trump has already seen great success with corporations and individuals as he awaits his presidential inauguration next week.

His campaign saw record crowds and voters turned out in unprecedented numbers. Now, President-elect Trump has one more record accomplishment to add to his list.

According to reports, Trump has raised over $90 million in private and individual donations for his inauguration. To put that in perspective, that's more money than Obama's inauguration, both of them combined!

Trump is reportedly planning to use the funds to host 3 inaugural balls.  He will also use it to help fund the inaugural decorations, bleachers along Pennsylvania Avenue, security at the event and reimbursement for the Capitol Police for overtime work.

The announcement about Trump's record-breaking fundraising numbers comes as the liberal media attempts to highlight the drop in attendance from Obama's inauguration.

However, even with less people traveling to D.C., Trump has harnessed enough support from people to actually have them write him a check. The people believe in Donald and want to do what they can to support the next president.

What do you think of this? Are you going to watch the inauguration or be in attendance?

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