Trump Just Revealed Startling Information About the Terrorist in NYC Attack

November 02, 2017Nov 02, 2017

On Tuesday, October 31, a terror attack took place in New York City. A man was driving a Home Depot truck when he intentionally rammed into pedestrians and bicyclists. 

After killing 8 people, the man ran into a school bus, thus thwarting his attempt to kill even more people. He ran out of the car yelling "Allahu Akbar" while waving around imitation firearms. He was shot by police in the abdomen, taken into custody and to the hospital.

Since then, information has come out about the terrorist, 29-year-old Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov. After the incident, police discovered a note near Saipov's truck that linked him to ISIS. The note indicated that Saipov believed he would die in the attack. 

President Trump has spoken out a few different times about the terror attack. Saipov, who came to the United States from Uzbekistan, fell under the "Diversity Visa Lottery Program." 

President Trump said that this program welcomes danger and that it should be replaced with a merit-based immigration program. He also said that he believes that Saipov deserves the death penalty

On Wednesday, President Trump spoke at the White House about Tuesday's attack. He reiterated his thoughts about stricter immigration policies. Then, he made a startling statement. 

President Trump revealed that the terror suspect had been the "primary contact" for 23 immigrants. He said that Saipov was a part of "chain migration."

Chain migration is the immigration process that helps people from a particular area of the world to follow others who migrate to another city or neighborhood, typically in an urban area. According to CNN, green cards are given out each year based on both employment and family connections. 

President Trump said, "This man that came in-or whatever you want to call him- brought in with him other people. And he was the primary point of contact for...23 people...We want to get rid of 'chain migration.'"

No information has been released about these 23 other immigrants who were associated with Saipov. 

What do you think about this? Should chain migration be revoked? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook. In other breaking news, an NFL team is currently mourning the loss of a "family member." They will honor her in Sunday's game. 

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