Trump Just Destroyed A Huge Piece Of Obama’s Environmental Legacy

April 28, 2017Apr 28, 2017

Last December, shortly before he left office, President Obama made a big move to secure his environmental legacy: He closed off 120 million acres of the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans to offshore oil and natural gas drilling.

Obama hoped those areas would be completely shut off from energy production “indefinitely,” according to Newsweek, but on Friday President Trump signed an executive order reversing Obama’s ban.

According to Fox News, Trump said that 94% of America’s offshore areas were closed to drilling, but that was now going to change.

“Today we’re unleashing American energy and clearing the way for thousands and thousands of high-paying American energy jobs,” he remarked.

Trump said the order will “reverse the previous administration’s Arctic leasing ban and directs [Interior] Secretary [Ryan] Zinke to allow responsible development of offshore areas.”

“You notice [offshore drilling] doesn’t get blocked for other nations. It only gets blocked for our nation,” Trump pointed out.

In addition to creating jobs, he noted that the new offshore drilling would lower the cost of fuel and help keep America more secure by allowing us to rely less on foreign oil.

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