Trump, Jack Hanna SPEAK OUT On Shooting Of Angry Gorilla!

June 01, 2016Jun 01, 2016

In an absolutely terrifying video that has gone viral worldwide, a young child is seen being dragged around a Cincinnati Zoo enclosure by a huge gorilla. Zookeepers reacted quickly, shooting the gorilla to death and saving the 4-year-old from what could have easily been his serious injury or death in front of a crowd of panicked onlookers.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a witness described a frantic mother looking for her lost 4-year-old before spotting him crawling through bushes and dropping 15 feet into the enclosure. Both the mother and the witness' husband had to practically be restrained from jumping into the enclosure themselves to take on the 400-pound silverback gorilla with their bare hands.

Yet critics across the social media spectrum are lambasting the zoo for shooting the gorilla, named Harambe, and saying the kid's mother should have been shot instead for neglecting her child. An online "Justice for Harambe" petition calling for the mother's child to be taken away from her has already garnered over 446,000 signatures.

In response, both GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and animal expert Jack Hanna weighed in. Watch their words, the terrifying accounts of eyewitnesses, and clips from the shocking gorilla attack footage below: