Trump Is The Mainstream Media’s Preferred Candidate. Here Is The Proof.

March 03, 2016Mar 03, 2016

Donald Trump has held a firm lead as the Republican frontrunner for the presidency since his campaign began and he should be thanking all of the major media outlets.  According to Newsbusters, an examination of the reporting standards for the top news channels shows extreme favoritism towards Donald Trump.

If you combine the minutes of coverage from ABC, NBC and CBS’ evening news shows for the month of February, Donald Trump has been reported on more than three times the amount of the next closest candidate. 

Of all of the Republican candidates’ coverage combined, Trump’s airtime makes up over 50%.  While one can argue that the majority of the coverage has been negative towards Trump by the anchors, the massive amounts of airtime gets Trump’s message out to the masses while the remaining candidates are left fighting for airtime.

The mainstream media is unabashedly liberal and their 24/7 coverage of Trump is done not only for revenue, but in the hopes that Trump will be the candidate to face off against their ‘darling,’ Hillary Clinton.  Recent polls have shown that Trump does not fare as well against Hillary Clinton as Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Trump has shattered all expectations and normal GOP operating procedure during this election.  Despite the polls showing him at a disadvantage against Hillary, nothing has gone as expected this election and it is increasingly looking like Trump will be both the nominee and president elect.