Trump: Hillary Just KILLED Any Chance She Has With Republicans

September 23, 2016Sep 23, 2016

Donald Trump said this afternoon that Hillary Clinton has just killed any chance she has of wooing or retaining any Republican supporters.

Writing on Twitter, Trump said, "Hillary Clinton just lost every Republican she ever had, including Never Trump, all farmers & sm. biz, by saying she’ll tax estates at 65%."

The Wall Street Journal confirms that Hillary proposed at 65% top rate estate tax on Thursday to make sure less wealth gets passed down to the next generation among the top earners in America. She says she wants the money to go to raising child tax credits and lowering small business taxes.

The estate tax increase from the current 40% to 65% is in stark contrast to Trump's plan, which is to get rid of the tax completely.

Trump's very vocal spokesman Jason Miller also blasted Hillary, saying, “It is the height of hypocrisy for Hillary Clinton to offer an even more dramatic hike in the death tax at the same time she uses exotic tax loopholes reserved for the very wealthy to exempt her Chappaqua estate.”