Trump Has Chosen Replacement for IRS Commissioner, Koskinen Ousted

October 26, 2017Oct 26, 2017

On Thursday, President Trump officially announced that John Koskinen will no longer serve as the IRS Commissioner. He will be finished with the position in November.

Koskinen’s official term ends on November 12. While he was eligible for reappointment, the Daily Caller reported that he has been vastly opposed by congressional Republicans.

Last year, members of the House Freedom Caucus attempted, but failed, to impeach Koskinen. He was under scrutiny for the way he handled the scandal involving Lois Lerner, a former IRS official.

The scandal involved Lerner reportedly targeting conservative groups applying for non-profit status. Reports claimed that Koskinen had stonewalled congressional investigators looking into the case and helped to cover up activities during the Obama administration.

Now, Trump is listening to the pleas of many Republicans and is removing Koskinen. Along with the announcement that Koskinen will be out of a job, President Trump announced who he has chosen to take his place. David Kautter, the Treasury Department’s assistant secretary for tax policy, will serve as the interim IRS Commissioner.

Kautter will begin his position on November 13. He has worked in the Treasury Department since August, and before that worked as a tax attorney at Ernst & Young for over three decades.

According to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Kautter will serve in both official capacities for the time being.

Mnuchin said, “David will provide important leadership while we wait to confirm a permanent commissioner.”

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