Trump Gets Support From Nearly EVERYONE In THIS Religious Group

August 08, 2016Aug 08, 2016

The traditionally reserved Amish community of Pennsylvania is a bit taken aback by the brashness of Donald Trump, but when it comes to who the vast majority of them support for President of the United States, it's definitely not Hillary Clinton.

According to CBC Radio-Canada, the Amish support Trump because Hillary is far too liberal for them when it comes to abortion and gay rights, among other progressive issues.

They also don't like the idea of a female president.

"No Amish is going to vote for Hillary," said one man who did not want his name published, as per his beliefs. "No one wants a woman president. ... What does Bill think about his wife running for president?"

But if Trump is looking for a groundswell of votes from the 70,000 Amish in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, he'd better not be counting on it. An estimated 5 percent in the community vote, believing prayer to be vastly more effective.

"One guy on the knees will do more than 20 at the polls," explained one farmer. "God puts leaders in place to fulfill His plan."

Meanwhile, according to World Net Daily, Hillary is pulling in a massive amount of support from the Communist Party.