Trump Gets Some HUGE News! Clinton Won’t Be Happy To Hear This.

May 19, 2016May 19, 2016

In what is shaping up to be a very heated battle for the presidency, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been going after each other on a regular basis. Trump has the Republican nomination in the bag, while Clinton is praying that she can hold on and outlast the upstart socialist, Bernie Sanders.

Most pundits and commentators agree that the general election will end up being between Trump and Clinton. With that in mind, Fox did a poll to see who the people prefer between the two candidates. 

In all previous head to head polls, Clinton has held the lead. Just last month she had a seven point lead over Trump, 48 – 41 percent.  However, a major shift has occurred as people are realizing the enormity of Clinton’s scandals and her promise to force the liberal agenda even further onto the American people.

Since her 7 point lead only a month ago, Trump has rocketed into the top spot. He now holds a 45 – 42 percent advantage over his Democratic challenger.