Trump Fan Seeks To Protect Supporters, But Is Hit With THIS!

March 14, 2016Mar 14, 2016

Whether paid or volunteers, people are taking to the streets at Donald Trump rallies whether for or against the GOP frontrunner. And as tensions turn to scuffles, pepper sprays, and a man rushing at Trump while he was speaking on stage, a Twitter account over the weekend called for the mobilization of volunteers willing to put themselves in harm's way to protect Trump supporters from "violent far-left agitators."

According to, the Lion's Guard Twitter account @wearelionsguard asked the social media world if there were people willing "to provide security protection to innocent people who are subjected to harassment and assault" by anti-Trump protestors. Lion's Guard added "We are unarmed, but willing to forcefully protect people if need be. We are *defensive*, *protective* of innocents who are being beaten and harassed for their political views."

In just four hours that Twitter account gathered 500 followers but was then taken down after the creator claimed their child had been threatened. The creator said a photo was sent to them of their child's school with a message "I'm coming for him."

Do you think Lion's Guard was a good idea? Would you like to see it revived?