Trump Throws Ultimate Shade at Elizabeth Warren, Latest Jab Has Internet Buzzing

January 03, 2019Jan 03, 2019

Earlier this week, Senator Elizabeth Warren announced that she will be running in the 2020 presidential election. According to the NY Times, Warren is now considered to be the most prominent Democrat to be running against President Trump for the upcoming election.

On Thursday, January 3, President Trump posted a graphic on his Twitter account to reference Warren's decision to run against him in 2020. The graphic that he posted was originally created by Daily Wire. 

The photo is a photoshopped graphic of Warren's campaign slogan. Instead of the graphic saying "Warren 2020," it says "Warren  1/2020th," a reference to Warren's DNA test results released in October.

In the fall, President Trump challenged Senator Warren to take a DNA test after she had claimed to have Native American ancestry. He said that he would donate $1 million to a charity of her choice if the results showed that she truly was of Cherokee and Delaware heritage, according to reports.

Warren took the test and publicized the results, thinking that it would help her prove her legitimacy. However, the results showed that she "most likely" had at least one Native American ancestor around ten generations ago.

Warren defended her position, saying that she wasn't claiming to be full-blooded Native American. Rather, she was "corroborating the family stories of Native American lineage." Still, many people around the nation were upset over her previous claims, including many Native Americans. 

As soon as President Trump posted the jab on his Twitter account, several people took to social media to talk about it.

What do you think about Warren's decision to run and about President Trump's Tweet mocking her? Let us know your thoughts! In other recent news, a type of Ibuprofen for babies has just been recalled. Check yours!

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