Trump Doubles Down On Skipping The Debate, Hurls Insults At Kelly.

January 28, 2016Jan 28, 2016

Donald Trump’s dislike for Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is well documented.  Ever since the first Republican debate in which she asked Trump about comments he made regarding women, Trump has publicly skewered the reporter.

When Fox refused to remove Kelly as a debate moderator in the Thursday debate, Donald Trump backed out and instead plans to host a separate event for veterans.

A war of words and tweets between Fox News and Donald Trump has followed his decision to skip the last debate before the Iowa caucuses.  The tension between them rose again on Wednesday when Trump launched a veiled insult at the reporter. 

“I refuse to call Megyn Kelly a bimbo, because that would not be politically correct.  Instead I will only call her a lightweight reporter,” Trump tweeted.

Fox News has put their full support behind Megyn Kelly for the upcoming debate and has refused to allow Trump to dictate terms for their journalists.  Fox has also left the door open for Trump to appear in the debate if he changes his mind.

Do you think Trump not showing up to the debate will help him or hurt him?