Trump Directly Addresses DACA Immigrants After Controversial Decision

September 07, 2017Sep 07, 2017

On Tuesday, Jeff Sessions announced the termination of the Dream Act. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was created in 2012 to provide legal status to illegal aliens who entered the country as minors. 

The decision stirred up extreme controversy. While Sessions explained that rescinding DACA would help with humanitarian and economic issues, many were upset that people would be sent out of the United States unexpectedly. 

DACA immigrants were concerned that their status and ability to work would be taken away from them. Now, President Trump has directly addressed them, saying they have nothing to be worried about. 

While the program is winding down, Trump has still asked Congress to pass some sort of legislation to address the future of the undocumented immigrants. He said that he wants to find a way to "legalize DACA" and that a reform to immigration will put "hardworking citizens of our country first."

The president also said that he believes Congress really wants to take care of the situation and find a viable solution. The administration said that those who are eligible for DACA, young undocumented immigrants with no criminal record, will not be a priority for deportation even after the program winds down. 

On Thursday, President Trump reassured DACA immigrants again. He tweeted that there should be nothing to worry about during the 6 month period that Congress has to pass a legislation.

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