Trump Delivers BOLD Message That Will Stop Companies In Their Tracks

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December 01, 2016Dec 01, 2016

On the heels of a landmark deal to keep over 1,000 Carrier jobs in the U.S. instead of being moved to Mexico as planned, President-Elect Donald Trump and Mike Pence spoke at a Carrier plant to explain how the deal came about and to deliver a bold warning and uplifting message to the rest of the companies in America.

Speaking at a podium decorated with Carrier air conditioning units, Trump spoke about the time he said, "Carrier will never leave!" upon news that they might be moving operations to Mexico.

"But that was a euphemism," Trump explained. "I was talking about Carrier like all other companies from here on in, because they made the decision a year-and-a-half ago. But [a Carrier worker] believed that.... And now because of him [this deal happened]."

Trump said he was prompted to call the executive of Carrier's parent company, United Technologies, and told him, "It's really important, we have to do something. Because you have a lot of people leaving, and you have to understand that we can't allow this to happen anymore with our country. So many of our jobs are leaving and going to other countries."

Trump was able to work out a deal, and he announced to the audience, "I will tell you that United Technologies and Carrier stepped it up, and now they're keeping — actually the number is over 1,100 people, which is so great."

The president-elect also told Carrier that "the good will that you have engendered by doing this all over the world, frankly, but within our country — you watch how fast you're going to make it up, because so many people are going to be buying Carrier air conditioners."

Then Trump boldly declared something to all businesses in the U.S.: "Companies are not going to leave the United States anymore without consequences. Not going to happen."

The crowd responded with cheers and claps.

"One of the things we're doing to keep them," Trump explained, "is we're going to lower our business tax from 35% hopefully down to 15%, which would take us from the the highest tax nation, virtually, in the one of the lower tax [nations]. Not the lowest yet, but one of the lower tax."

Next, he said, "The other thing we're doing is regulations. The regulations are — in fact, if I were to ask the [United Technologies executive] and you folks, you would probably say regulations might be worse for you than even the high taxes, which is the biggest surprise of the whole political experience. I thought taxes would be number one, regulations would be up there some place. If [companies] had their choice between lower taxes and a major, massive cutting of regulations, they would take the [cutting of] regulations. We need regulations for safety and environment and things, but most of the regulations are nonsense."

He added, "I want to let all the other companies know, we're going to do great things for businesses. No reason for them to leave anymore. We are going to have a situation where they're going to know that, number one, we're going to treat them well, and, number two, there will be consequences. Meaning, they'll be taxed very heavily at the border."

Trump concluded, "We're going to have a lot of phone calls made to companies when they say they're thinking about leaving this country, because they're not going to leave this country. And the workers are going to keep their jobs. Leaving the country is going to be very, very difficult."

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