President Trump Congratulates Singer on Potential Congressional Run

October 27, 2017Oct 27, 2017

American singer Joy Villa recently announced that she may potentially be running for U.S. Congress. Villa made a household name for herself after wearing a “Make America Great Again” dress to the 2017 Grammy Awards in February.

Since her Trump dress debut, she has continuously expressed her support for President Trump on social media and in media interviews, getting heavily involved in politics. The singer even released a “Make America Great Again” song earlier this year.

Villa appeared on Fox & Friends Friday morning, October 27th to further discuss her political platform. Ultimately, she will be running as a Republican—much of her political beliefs align with those of the Trump Administration. She also announced that she is considering the following states: Florida, California, or New York.

President Donald Trump responded to Villa’s potential congressional run shortly after the interview aired, congratulating her with well wishes. Trump wished Villa “good luck” and commented on her “many fans,” insinuating that she has a strong chance of winning.

Villa was very excited to hear from Trump. She first replied with, “I’M FREAKING OUT,” then later thanked him for his kind words.

Watch Joy Villa on Fox & Friends below.

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