Trump BLASTS Surge Of Newspapers Endorsing Democrat Candidate For 1st Time

September 30, 2016Sep 30, 2016

A number of newspapers that have long traditions of endorsing Republican president candidates or not endorsing anyone at all have jumped on the bandwagon for Hillary Clinton, and their liberal shift is biting them in the back.

The biggest paper today was USA Today, which has never endorsed a president before but threw their support strongly behind Hillary.

According to Yahoo! News, the traditionally conservative Arizona Republic endorsed Hillary even though it has a history of only endorsing Republicans since 1890; the Dallas Morning News broke their 75-year streak of endorsing Republicans; and the Cincinnati Enquirer, who have thrown their support behind Republicans for nearly a century, decided to endorse Hillary instead.

And their readers aren't happy. Newspaper readers tend to be an older, more conservative demographic, and the Arizona Republic, Dallas Morning News, and Cincinnati Enquirer have all admitted they've received a massive amount of angry phone calls and cancelled subscriptions. It's quite telling that these traditionally Republican papers have become so overtaken by liberal journalists that they're willing to sacrifice their business in an already intensely struggling industry. And these newspapers have reported that they're proud of their decision in spite of the backlash.

Donald Trump had some tough words for them as well on Twitter today, writing, "The people are really smart in cancelling [sic] subscriptions to the Dallas & Arizona papers & now USA Today will lose readers! The people get it!"

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