Trump Backs Elizabeth Warren Into a Corner, Throws Down a Million Dollar Challenge at Her Feet

July 05, 2018Jul 05, 2018

President Trump hit Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in a sore spot while at a rally in Montana on Thursday, once again calling her “Pocahantas” and challenging her to prove once and for all that she does in fact have Native American ancestry as she has claimed for decades.

At the rally, President Trump picked apart the state of potential Democratic presidential candidates, discussing Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden before unleashing his most scathing remarks on Senator Warren.

“Pocahontas, they always want me to apologize for saying it. And I hereby, no, I want to apologize. I’ll apologize tonight. Pocahontas, I apologize to you. I apologize. To you, I apologize.” Trump said. “To the fake Pocahontas, I won’t apologize. That name is causing her problems.”

President Trump then threw down a challenge at Senator Warren that will be hard for her to ignore. "I'm going to get one of those little DNA kits and if I'm debating her, we will toss it to her, very gently so it doesn't injure her arm, and we'll say, 'Pocahontas, I'll give you a million dollars if you take the test to show you're an Indian!'"

In return for Senator Warren proving she is who she says she is, President Trump offered to give the $1 million dollars to a charity of her choosing.

The ball is firmly in Senator Warren’s court. She can silence President Trump and all of her doubters by submitting to the DNA testing and proving once and for all that she does in fact have Native American heritage.

If Senator Warren takes Trump’s challenge and proves him wrong, she’ll not only put an end to the embarrassing attention she receives but will also secure a cool $1 million dollars for a charity of her choice. Think of all the good a charity can accomplish with an extra million dollars. In fact, it would be borderline uncharitable for Warren to not take Trump’s challenge and secure funding for favorite charity if her heritage can be proved so easily.

In response to President Trump, Senator Warren attempted to shift focus from her heritage scandal back to the long running immigration crisis.

What do you think about President Trump’s deal?