'Trump Baby' Balloon Protest Backfires, Protestors Humiliated

July 13, 2018Jul 13, 2018

Do you remember the giant orange “Trump Baby” balloon that was expected to fly over London in an attempt to embarrass President Trump during his visit to the UK? It set off a media firestorm as anticipation grew to a fever pitch.

What would President Trump do when faced with this imposing and troubling image of himself flying high above the city?

The photo below is an artist's rendering of what the 'Trump baby' balloon was supposed to be.

The protest was promised to be large scale, with protestors ‘marching under the shadows’ of a giant Trump balloon.  The activist group that organized the protest raised over $40,000 through crowdfunding, an amount that surely could have afforded them a very robust balloon that would catch the eyes of citizens all over the city.


After weeks of hype and grand promises, the unveiling of the balloon proved to be far more embarrassing for the protestors than for President Trump. The balloon barely reached twenty feet in length and flew in the air for only 2 hours.



The mainstream news media was reluctant to waste an opportunity to report on President Trump in a negative light. They continued to report that the balloon was ‘giant’ and 'humiliating' despite the evidence to the contrary.



People from all over the internet are going into hysterics over the small balloon and are brutally mocking the failed protest across social media. Here are a few of the more hilarious comments about the unfulfilled promise.









What do you think of the balloon?

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