Trump Asked What He'll Do If Hillary Drops Out; Trump Says...

September 12, 2016Sep 12, 2016

For those concerned that Hillary Clinton is not physically fit to be president, her collapse on Sunday was a gasoline-soaked log in the fire. After Hillary left a large 9/11 memorial event early, a video emerged of her being helped into a van. The video clearly shows Hillary's body swaying and her legs buckling for a couple seconds before she collapses forward as those around her catch her.

Her campaign released a statement saying Hillary was merely suffering from pneumonia, but many of those who have noticed her persistent coughing fits and seizure-like spasms following a blood clot and multiple falls are not convinced her fall on Sunday was not a sign of a long-running health battle.

On "Fox and Friends" today, Donald Trump was even asked about the possibility of Hillary leaving the race before the November election due to her health, according to CBS News.

Asked if he was preparing for the possibility of running against Joe Biden or Tim Kaine instead, Trump replied, “No, I don’t think they’ll replace her. We have to see what’s wrong. But whatever it is, it is, I’m ready. Whatever it is.”

He did add, "I hope she gets well and I hope she gets well soon."

Do you think it's possible that Hillary's health could end her campaign before Nov. 8?