President Trump and First Lady Volunteer for Texas Families

September 02, 2017Sep 02, 2017

After Hurricane Harvey struck the Texas coast in August, devastation has fallen across the people of our country with the continuously rising death toll and increase in property damages in Houston. The death toll has risen to over 40 and is expected to get even higher.

Since the tragic situation, President Trump has stepped up to help the hurricane victims by urging the country to pray for them, pledging $1 million of his own money towards relief efforts, and visited Texas himself.

Trump first visited Texas on Tuesday with First Lady Melania Trump to sit down with Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Trump and Melania returned on Saturday to meet with families personally.

During their second visit, the two handed out meals to families who were displaced after the hurricane. The meal consisted of hot dogs and potato chips.

Trump joked, “What’s in there? Let me see...Oh, I like that! I want to have one!” While handing out meals, he also shook several hands and struck up a few conversations.

See President Trump and the First Lady hand out meals to Texas families in the ABC News video below. Please continue to pray for the families affected by Hurricane Harvey.

President Trump also called for the entire nation to pray for Hurricane Harvey victims on Sunday. Read the details here. Thank you!

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