Trump And Carson Threaten To Boycott Next Debate Unless THESE Demands Are Met

October 17, 2015Oct 17, 2015

The two top Republican contenders in the race for president expressed their displeasure in the format of the CNBC debate.  The CNN debate lasted over three hours, something that the two front runners want no part of during the next debate.


According to CNN, the campaigns of both Donald Trump and Ben Carson have sent letters to CNBC, whom is hosting the next Republican presidential debate on October 28th

Also, CNBC recently decreed that in order to cut back time and focus on the issues that they would not allow for the candidates to make opening statements.  In a statement, they said “Our goal is to host the most substantive debate possible.  Our practice in the past has been to forego opening statements to allow more time to address the critical issues that matter most to the American people.”

The candidates have expressed their displeasure with the practice of not allowing them to address the public directly. 

In letters to CNBC, the campaigns of Carson and Trump said they will not participate “if it is longer than 120 minutes including commercials and does not include opening and closing statements”.

If Trump and Carson were to skip the next debate, CNBC could expect very low viewership numbers.  Both Fox and CNN saw record ratings for their debates.  Clearly it is CNBC’s best interest to keep both Trump and Carson happy. 

It is also in the best interest of the viewers to hear opening and closing statements from all the candidates to get a better understanding of who each candidate is and where they stand on the issues.

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