Trump May Announce His Presidential Run “Soon,” Fundraising Off FBI Search

Donald Trump and his allies in the GOP jumped on the news about the FBI executing a search warrant at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida last week to leverage outrage on the right, fueling fundraising. Sources close to Trump are now reporting that he has a number of sources. tell CNN that the former president has received a “fresh wave of encouragement” following the search, where federal agents seized boxes of documents as part of an investigation into whether Trump improperly removed them from the White House — a possible violation of federal law. Anonymous sources in Trump’s orbit told Fox News on Monday the announcement is coming “soon.”

For months before the seizure of government files marked “classified” and “top secret” at Mar-a-Lago, Trump was under pressure to wait until after the midterm elections to formally announce another campaign in order protect GOP candidates from a mobilization of anti-Trump voters. However, the GOP’s outraged response to the FBI search appears to have prompted a shift.

Trump was the one who did it. initially publicizedThe search was conducted from Trump’s New Jersey golf club. Trump responded with rhetorical attacks against the FBI and Justice Department that inspired a wave of violent threats against federal law enforcement online, including on Trump’s own Truth Social platform, according to reportsRecent developments inter-agency memo. Trump supporter in Ohio apparently postedFederal agents were killed by Truth Social and other forums last week. The FBI office was attacked near Cincinnati and the attacker was killed in an armed confrontation with police.

Right-wingers have been proposing “defunding the FBI” (a proposal they would have previously abhorred) after agents came after Trump for allegedly taking sensitive documents that did not belong to him. As many left-leaning activists have long pointed out, there are good reasons to defund FBI. None of these reasons have to do with Trump and white-collar crimes. Critics on the left point out that the FBI has a long history in suppressing social movements. The “raid” on Trump’s house did not involve the kind of dangerous violence that police regularly bringWhile executing search warrants to search for drugs and other minor offenses, they also visited homes. But, of course, Trump supporters have no criticism for the FBI’s attacks on Black and other marginalized communities; their outrage is reserved for the targeting of Trump.

Trump was criticised for inspiring his supporters to violence once more and turned to his trusted stenographers to help. Fox News for an interview on Monday that is riddled with inaccuracies but makes Trump’s current strategy fairly clear: deny any wrongdoing, blame political opponents for his legal woes, and use the media controversy to rake in donations and inflame the MAGA base ahead of a campaign announcement. Trump backs Republican candidates playing along to raise moneyBoost their profile ahead of the midterms.

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In the interview, Trump admitted that the “temperature has to be brought down in the country” or “terrible things” will happen, but then doubled down on his violent messages as talk of “civil war” swirlsYou can find Truth Social and other pro Trump platforms. Trump currently faces investigations into his business practices and his attempts to overthrow 2020’s presidential election. three federal laws.

“The people of this country are not going to stand for another scam,” Trump said, adding that he would do “whatever I can to help the country.”

While Trump’s explanations have shiftedAccording to him, he claimed to have released secret documents before he left office. Others are protected by attorney client privilege. John Bolton, Trump’s former national security advisor-turned critic, said on Monday that the “declassification” claim “shows a real level of desperation.” It remains unclear what information the boxes removed from Trump’s property contain, but unnamed sources have said agents were looking records related to nuclear weaponsnational security

Trump voters appear to remember his long list of grievances with the FBI going back to the 2016 election, which Trump is rehashing while casting the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago — which was approved by a federal judge due to evidence that laws may have been broken — as an attack on the country itself. Trump is gathering information about classified files found at his resort and mansion by getting out in front. donations and momentumTrump is promoting a presidential run and painting the investigations against him to be political and illegitimate. If Trump’s legal troubles continue to grow or he faces indictment, he will almost certainly blame Democrats while throwing more red meat to his base in the months to come.