U.S. Forecasters Warn Residents of Latest Tropical Storm, ‘Life-Threatening, Dangerous’

October 01, 2018Oct 01, 2018

Hurricane season is in full swing this year as hurricanes and tropical storms continue to threaten U.S. residents throughout the nation. The most recent hurricane to hit the United States was Hurricane Florence, which made landfall in September as a Category 1 storm in the Carolinas.

Florence brought a great amount of devastation to both North and South Carolina. Recent reports indicate that in addition to severe property damage, Florence tragically took the lives of at least 48 people ranging from infants to the elderly.

Unfortunately, another natural disaster is currently threatening U.S. residents. Forecasters warned the Southwest area of the U.S., and Mexico, about Tropical Storm Rosa, which is set to make landfall on Monday, October 1st.

The tropical storm has been downgraded. Initially, Rosa was a Category 3 hurricane.

According to CBS News, Rosa is predicted to bring “life-threatening flash flooding” and possibly “dangerous debris flows and landslides.” Certain parts of Nevada, California, Utah, and Arizona are all at risk.

Watch the CBS video below for more information about the tropical storm:

Please pray for those in the path of Tropical Storm Rosa. Faith Family America will post additional updates as they become available.

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