Tropical Storm Gordon Threatens Several U.S. States, National Hurricane Center Issues Hurricane Watch

September 03, 2018Sep 03, 2018

On Labor Day, news broke that another tropical storm is threatening U.S. territory. This news comes shortly after Hurricane Lane, a powerful category 3 hurricane, brought life-threatening conditions to the Hawaiian islands.

Tropical Storm Gordon reportedly formed up near the Florida Keys on Monday morning. Warnings for Florida were immediately issued by the National Hurricane Center.

The NHC also issued a hurricane watch for the states of Alabama and Louisiana, reported ABC News. Local residents have been instructed to prepare for “life-threatening” storm conditions including heavy rainfall, flash flooding, and strong winds.

The path of the tropical storm is projected to begin in South Florida before making its way to the coast of the Mississippi-Alabama border. It is important to note that the path could change throughout the week.

See some video footage of the tropical storm in Florida below:

This story is developing. Please check our website for updates as more information about Tropical Storm Gordon becomes available.

Please keep those at risk in your prayers during this time. Faith Family America is praying that God intervenes in this potentially dangerous storm.

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