Tristan Thompson’s Alleged Baby Mama Maralee Nichols Breaks Silence About Their Secret Relationship: He Told Me He Was Single

Tristan Thompson’s Alleged Baby Mama Maralee Nicks Breaks Silence About Their Secret Relationship: He Told Me He Was Single


Maralee NicholsFinally, she is speaking out about her secret relationship to NBA star Tristan Thompson. This comes just a day after Tristan’s paternity case was dismissed in Texas. As previously reported, the paternity dispute between Tristan and Maralee came to an abrupt halt on Thursday (12/16), when a judge dismissed it. Maralee allegedly filed the lawsuit in California back in June–where she claims the sexual meetings and conception of the child took place. TristanIn July, he filed his own lawsuit against her in Texas.  Since a judge ruled to dismiss Tristan’s case in Texas, it’s likely that Maralees’ lawsuit will be handled in California.

Tristan Thompson

ReportedlyMaralee NicholsNow, the fitness model is open to discussing the alleged affair. In an effort to provide clarity and to assist in the healing process, the fitness model released a long statement on Friday (12/17) describing their relationship. “defend her character”. Maralee ,

“Over the past couple of weeks, many inaccurate and false stories have been circulated about me. I have not at any point released—nor have I directed anyone else to release—any information regarding Tristan Thompson or any litigation involving him. I have never spoken with any media outlet nor have I ever leaked any information. I am providing this statement because I feel I must defend my character.”

There are many rumors. “fake stories”Maralee seems to be trying to get the record straight.

“These are the facts: I have lived in California since 2019. I am not a personal coach. I am a fitness modeler, but I have not been a personal coach for the past four years. I was never a personal trainer for Trian.”

Maralee Nicks 

She reveals when Tristan and her first meeting and claims TristanHe assured her that he was single. Khloe Kardashian.

“I met Tristan in 2020 at a party at his home in Encino, California. He told me he was single and co-parenting… I would never have gotten involved with Tristan if I thought he was in a relationship.”

True Thompson, Khloe Kardashian


According to some reports, Nichols claimed that her relationship with Nichols remained intact. Tristan ThompsonHe invited her to his Christmas, New Years, and March birthday parties.

“I saw Tristan in March 2021 around his birthday. He said that he wanted me to see him. I agreed to meet him in Houston at the private party on March 12. Tristan claimed that he had driven a Maserati, but I have never done so. He has never been in my car. That weekend, I was either driven by friends or an Uber. Houston was just one of many nights that we shared together. Soon after his birthday weekend in Houston, Tristan invited me to visit him in Boston.”

Sources say Maralee found out she was pregnant just weeks after her trip from Boston to see Tristan. She claims she told the Sacramento KingsAfter he invited her to meet him at the end April, he asked her about her pregnancy in North Carolina.

Maralee says she did in her statement “everything possible”Not to draw attention on herself during her pregnancy, even if she is taking down her baby InstagramNot posting on social media, but page.

“I wanted to keep my pregnancy private and as peaceful as possible. I have never sought media attention for my pregnancy, and I wish that I did not even have to send this statement.”

Maralee claims she doesn’t want any, contrary to popular belief “further media attention” She is a private person who wants to share her private life with her child.

“I gave birth on December 1, 2021. Instead of dwelling on negative things, I choose to embrace being a mom and doing my best for my son. I don’t want any more media attention or a romantic relationship. My goal is to raise our son in a safe, healthy, loving and private environment.”


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