Tristan Thompson’s 3rd Baby Mama Maralee Nichols Questions If His Public Response Is Sincere

Tristan Thompson, Maralee Nickels

Tristan Thompson’s 3rd Baby Mama Maralee Nicks Questions If His Public Response Is Sincere

Maralee NicholsIs unmoved Tristan Thompson’sRecent Instagram post

NBA star Tristan ThompsonHe has publicly admitted to having fathered Maralee Nichols’ infant son after months of facing off in court.

Maralee Nicks

In an open letter, which he posted to Instagram, TristanHe acknowledged his child and said that he would be there in his life. He also apologized to all those who were affected by the matter. He also apologized to Khloé KardashianHe was with a woman named Judith, who he shares a child. supposedly dating while seeing Maralee.

According to Maralee’s publicist, the personal trainer doesn’t believe that Tristan’spost was real. Her publicist stated that:

“There was never any doubt that Tristan Thompson was the father of Maralee Nichols’ baby.”

She continued:

“Tristan made numerous false and defamatory statements and declarations about Maralee over the past few months, and she is taking his contrite statement today in the context of all of those statements.”

Throughout their Texas paternity cases, TristanSome shocking claims were allegedly made by him. According to court documents, the Sacramento Kings center was inconsistent in his details, refuting claims that were allegedly proved true.

It was once alleged that TristanTelled Maraleeto abort their baby via text message.

MaraleeA paternity suit was filed against TristanCalifornia, where she claimed that the two were often sexy. TristanHouston filed a lawsuit. Maraleeorigin is from. Although the Texas case was dismissed last month it has been reported that they will be appearing in California.

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