Trevor Noah Drops $20 Million on Hollywood Bachelor Pad, Sparking Rumors

January 09, 2019Jan 09, 2019

A prominent television host has just dropped $20 million on a new home in Hollywood. Many are wondering if that means he will be moving the location of his show to Los Angeles.

Trevor Noah hosts "The Daily Show" and has obviously done well for himself. The property is located in Bel-Air and is absolutely stunning.

"Trevor's new digs, first reported by Yolanda's Little Black Book, are pretty insane. The two-level pad is a whopping 10,044 square feet, and it's surrounded by glass walls and wraparound terraces, giving Trevor some breathtaking views of L.A. The 1.31-acre property sits on a hillside lot in western Bel-Air, on a quiet cul-de-sac, but there's nothing quiet about Trevor's place. The master suite is massive -- we're talking 2,200 feet -- and we haven't even mentioned the home theater, infinity pool and the 500-gallon saltwater aquarium!!!" reported TMZ.

The house also contains three other rooms, including one that is an "ultra-VIP suite" and has a private entrance. It seems like an enormous house for a single man to be living in. He must have some serious entertaining plans lined up for the future.

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