Travelers Warned About Drug-Laced Product, Led to Several Injuries and 1 Death

September 22, 2017Sep 22, 2017

Millions of U.S. citizens visit Mexico every year for vacation, work, or educational trips. According to Journey Mexico, almost 8 million Americans visited the country from January to October of 2016 and overall, the U.S. had the most tourists visit Mexico in that same year compared to other countries.


With crime-related threats and dangers already leading to multiple travel warnings on Mexico, Americans are constantly encouraged to take abundant precautions when planning to travel there. The threats are usually related to kidnappings and murders, but now travelers are being warned about a specific drug-laced product.

An Arizona news source reported that traces of methamphetamine were found in several 7Up beverages originating in the Mexicali area. The contaminated soft drinks have led to at least seven illnesses or injuries, and one death. Fortunately, the products have been removed the shelves in hopes of preventing future cases. 

According to USA Today, no U.S. products have been affected, so it should not be a worry to purchase the product at your local stores. However, this does come as a significant reminder to double check processed food and drink products for signs of tampering.

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In breaking news, a former presidential candidate was hospitalized. Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you!

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